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View Full Article If you've strolled by 33 Hawley recently, you probably noticed that it looks a bit rough on the outside these days. You should see the inside. So here are a few views of what's going on, inside.

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The demo crew from Associated Building Wreckers is doing a bang-up job of wrecking the building. They've been at it for a bit more than three weeks, and, as they've taken down ceilings and walls, our architects and engineers have been able to get a clearer view of the building's structure. As we've noted before, Hawley is basically a big, metal tent, but even those of us who have spent a fair amount of time in the building over the past 18 months have been gob smacked by the size of the space revealed.

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There haven't been any big surprises behind those walls, which is a good thing. With walls out of the way, the steel crew can get in for the exacting measurements they need to start manufacture of the structural elements we'll be adding. Cuts to the floor still need to be made for the elevator shaft and stairway, and we'll see those in the near future.

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